jessica yeary

The Person

I was born in Cape Coral, Florida to two hard working young parents.  My father was up early every day in order to be at the construction site before the sun came up.  My mother thrived in secretarial work at the local cable company.  Witnessing their strong work ethic taught my brother and I the importance of determination and diligence.  This was an important lesson that helped me succeed through difficult times in my life and will continue to drive me to get up and persevere every single day. 


As a high school student, I was active in the student government and was class president both my junior and senior year.  I also led the cheer leading squad with a busy schedule of practices and games.  These activities taught me the importance of leadership and organization in order to be successful.  Despite my hectic extracurricular schedule, I always maintained part time work.  After the meetings and practices were over, I worked nights and weekends waiting tables at Applebees. 


After graduating from high school, I was accepted into the University of Florida where I chose to major in Criminology.  I also earned minors in General Education and Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations.  This instruction laid the foundation for my career as a criminal defense attorney.  In law school, at Stetson University College of Law, I succeeded in classes that focused on criminal law and trial practice in an effort to become the best possible courtroom advocate.  It was there at Stetson that I found my two great loves - my husband, Ryan Yeary, and the Public Defender's office. 


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