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  • My campaign comes during a critical time for criminal justice reform in this state. Citizens are working to change outdated and unjust sentencing schemes and to decriminalize low level drug offenses that have had a historically disproportionate impact on minority members of our community.  We’re talking about compassionate and pre-trial release for those sitting in county jail. We are standing up and speaking out against police overreach and brutality. I will work diligently to ensure that these changes are effectuated here.

  • We must lead the charge on issues affecting our clients – when a client is found not-guilty we must celebrate and let the public know.  When a suppression motion is granted we must educate the public on rights being violated.  We should be educating young people on their civil rights and constitutional protections.  When there are miscarriages of justice we must be the ones shining the light on the issue to both raise awareness and create solutions.


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