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What does that look like?

Effective advocacy begins with an effective training program. New lawyers should not be set loose in a courtroom without direction. Neither should seasoned lawyers neglect new developments in criminal law.

To ensure that every client receives high quality representation, I will continue with the training I had already worked hard to implement during my time as a chief and supervisor.  I will employ a rigorous in-house training program that ensures new attorneys possess all the necessary tools needed to meet the challenges of being an assistant public defender. Encouraging veteran litigators to share their knowledge through in-house training programs not only maintains a wealth of institutional knowledge, but also ensures that new lawyers receive the on-site support they need to solve complex courtroom challenges.

With a wide variety of training resources available across several outside platforms, offering professional training to new lawyers can easily be accomplished in a cost-effective way. Public defenders across the nation now have an unprecedented ability to share resources, discuss ideas, and spread cutting-edge methods with each other.

Even with the reality of budgetary constraints, cost-effective training is not only achievable, but the elected Public Defender’s responsibility. The promise of equal justice under the law requires well-trained, highly-effective lawyers.  I intend on continuing the legacy I led as a division chief with certified legal education courses, supportive trial tactics, and a learning environment that encourages effective negotiation and litigation.  


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